The Palwaukee Airport Pilots Association (PAPA) was formed in 1987 as a forum for the users of PWK. To acknowledge the airport’s new name, we became Chicago Executive Pilots Association. Our mission was and continues to be to promote the safety of operations and continued development of Chicago Executive Airport (formerly known as Palwaukee) in a fraternal environment with the pilots, users, and the community.

Membership in Chicago Executive Pilots Association is open to any user of the airport. Membership dues are $40.00 annually and include a monthly newsletter subscription. Affiliate Family Members residing in the same household pay an additional $15.00 each.

Chicago Executive Pilots Association has many ways for you to maximize the advantages of your membership including:

  • Five Safety Meetings
  • Two Social Events
  • Special Outings
  • Twelve Newsletter Issues
  • Support for General Aviation Activities

Chicago Executive Pilots Association has a lot to offer you.

The pilots who formed this vital, thriving users group when this airport first became municipal are still working hard to represent the users of our wonderful airport. If you are a renter or an owner, pilot, neighbor, business owner, or operator, we have something to offer you.

Our Board of Directors consists of airport business owners, flight instructors, activists, and aviators of all sorts.

You can help make aviation better for everyone. Join in the work of our strong organization. Be one of the hundreds of people who make PAPA successful.

  • When the airport was reluctant to open and allow competition from a second FBO, we lobbied hard and won that chance; now we have three.
  • When the airport tried to close runway 6/24 we lobbied hard and kept it open.
  • When the municipalities were in the early stages of ownership, one of our members served as an Alderman from Prospect Heights and on the Palwaukee Municipal Airport Commission. In fact, there have been three pilots over the years on the Commission all PAPA members!  And we would like to see more of them serving on the new Chicago Executive Airport Board. Will you join us in our efforts?

Join us, or join us again. We are stronger together than we are separately. Your organization can speak out for you. We can make a difference.

Chicago Executive Pilots Association Bylaws (lst update 12/2018)

Membership questions or changes and any other questions or comments: papa@pwkpilots.org


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