Safety Seminars by CEPA and FAA Safety Team

Chicago Executive Pilots' Association holds five FAA Safety meetings each year:

  • February
  • April
  • June
  • August
  • October

Pilots are engaged in an activity that brings joy to our lives. Pilots fly us to place to visit friends and family, get us to important business meetings, take us to see the many wonders of the world, big and small, or maybe just the $200 veggie burger. Flying also has the potential for deadly consequences when not done well.

But pilots are special people; rather than hide (from) our mistakes, we get up in front of a room full of people and explain what we did wrong. We replay a "moment" and in doing so put thought to how we found ourselves in the situation that, usually, we created for ourselves and those along for the ride.

Getting a pilot certificate takes immense effort, training, and focus. Stay proficient also takes continuous education, in the classroom, simulator, aircraft, and even in the armchair replaying past and imagining future scenarios.

CEPA members are committed, financially and in person, are dedicated to furthering the act of safe flying. That is why we organize these meetings, rent a hall, invite nationally and locally accomplished speakers to lead us in continuing the training that keeps us the best pilots we can be.

Our meetings are held in accordance with the FAA Safety Team WINGS program and offer credit for attendance. See at PWK for more information.

In addition to these bi-monthly Safety Meetings, we hold monthly IMC Club meetings for instrument-rated pilots and students.

Be one of us. Be safe. Be at our meetings. Click here to see upcoming events.

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