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We would like to thank Nick Selig for his very interesting program, ÔÇ£Forgotten Air FieldsÔÇØ in and around Chicago.┬á Nick has an amazing collection of pictures and information about the various airfields that used to be in Northern Illinois, as well as historical pictures of airfields that still exist.┬á He’s on final approach to completing a book which should prove to be very interesting.┬á If you have any information or pictures relating to aviation in Illinois, Nick can be reached at

You will hear how these air fields
supplied the main power to train the
largest air force in the world via the
CPTP and WTS programs and created
the standardization form of flight instruction
we have today.
NickÔÇÖs background is in maintenance
and flight instructing. He has been a working flight instructor
going back to 1962 at Pal-Waukee and Midway. Nick has
been an A&P instructor at Lewis College and done his
share of flying both corporate and freight.
You will learn about history and instructing both flight and
maintenance from his knowledge span of over 50 years.
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