Signature Flight Parking Information update

The hangar 5/6 vehicle parking lot will be undergoing asphalt surface maintenance beginning Monday 8/31. This project may take a 1-2 week period to complete.
Effective Monday 8/31 all users who park vehicles on the west side of hangar 5/6 will be asked to park in a segregated section of the hangar 5/6 tarmac. This temporary parking area of the hangar 5/6 ramp will be positioned not to create an obstruction to the taxiway located in the center of the hangar 5/.6 ramp.
During a portion of the time the west hangar-5/6 parking lot is closed; runway 6/24 will also be closed. Meaning, the center taxiway of the hangar 5/6 ramp must stay open for traversing traffic controlled by the ATC.
A sketch of the affected area at hangar 5/6 is attached for your information. If anyone has any questions or comments relating to the surface maintenance; please do not hesitate to contact us.          

Al Palicki
Operations Manager
Signature Flight Support-PWK
(847) 537-1200 – Phone
(847) 561-7067 – Cell
(847) 279-0939 – Fax

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