Program Postflight Briefing – Nov-29-2023


Loss of Control on an approach is a terrifying thought—and you just recovered in a valley with limited visibility and no airport in sight.  Is it better to climb to safety with a known issue or scud run a few hundred feet above the ground to find an airport and some terra firma?

A good group of both CEPA members and non-member aviators, attended the IMC Club Meeting, and heard our Airport Executive Director, Jeff Miller, give his State of the Airport Message.  

Thanks to all who attended and participated.  

Congratulations to CEPA for another successful year of  educational programs.  

Whether it’s your first IMC Club meeting or you are an ‘old hand’ you will gain knowledge and understanding of flight from this unique experience.       

The scenario will be presented, a question posed, and YOU will get involved in the discussion.                               

Has something like this happened to you?  What else should the pilot have done?  The premise of IMC Club is learning from each other, and we have the guidance of our experienced moderator to keep us on track.

Join us next time, to learn and share, at:

Harper College Career and Learning Center – 1375 S Wolf Road – Prospect Heights, IL  60070                                       

2024 Program Schedule will be published 1-1-24


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