Light Sport Airplane and Sport Pilot Presentation, September 23rd

Light Sport Airplane and Sport
Pilot Presentation, September 23rd
As mentioned at the August picnic, at 7 PM on Wednesday,
September 23 rd, PAPA is hosting a Light Sport Airplane and
Sport Pilot presentation. Location is Hanger 13, behind the
1098 Building off Milwaukee Road.
The purpose of this meeting is to explore the 5 year old
FAA Sport Pilot and Airplane program that is taking root and
offers advantages that we once had available to us but lost
over the past 2 decades due to the rapid advancement of
GA aircraft that offered greater speeds and size.
Three owner-pilots will speak of their various experiences
over the past 3 years: Ray Dash (Jabiru) , Dan Mayworm
(Flight Design CT) and Dr. Mark Charman as a new student in
the Czech Sport Cruiser. Our local FBO/ Pilot Examiner, Skip
Goss, of Skill Aviation at UGN will talk Pilot Standards and
current activities with his Evektor Sport Star.
We are also very pleased to have Eric Evans from his FBO
in Mt. Vernon, Illinois (330 ÔÇÿcarÔÇÖ miles away) to give us a
national update on LSAÔÇÖs and forecast of the future of this
business. Eric is the Chairman of the upcoming MIDWEST
LSA EXPO being held at his airport October 1-3, 2009.
He will have more that 30 LSAÔÇÖs models on display at Mt.
Vernon. Demonstrations will be available. Check the web, for additional data on that
Questions: 312-909-2500, Jack Sheridan, PAPA Programs.
The PAPA meeting will be open to all interested. Come early
to get a good seat and chat about your flying adventures
with other attendees.

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