CEPA Publishes Position Paper to Save Runway 6/24

The Airport Board believes a hotspot (HS1 on the figure to the left) makes runway 6/24 unsafe. FAA says that is not true.

You might not even be aware that the Chicago Executive Airport Board of Directors’ new Master Plan calls for closing PWK’s runway 6/24 to make way for more new hangars.

Some of you might think that’s not all that important if you personally don’t use that runway much, but you will one when the wind is howling out of the southwest. More importantly, an airport being allowed to shut down a perfectly good runway represents one more nail if the coffin of GA. We must all speak up.

Please take a couple of minutes to read CEPA’s position paper on the potential shutdown and learn the facts behind the Airport Board’s effort to keep the closure secret until now as they head to the two towns to see their approval. Since the recent announcement, the airport board has refused to consider any pilot comments attempting to keep the runway open. Read CEPA’s paper here.

You can make a difference, please join the others who will speak against the runway closure during public comments at the Village of Wheeling meeting on Monday, January 20th. The Board meeting in Wheeling begins at 6 pm on the second floor of the village hall at 2 Community Blvd., Wheeling, IL 60090.

For more information, contact Save Runway 6/24‘s committee chairman, Rob Mark at rmark@commavia.com or 847-644-1575.

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