Thanks to Our CEPA Officers and Directors

I believe it is important to remind every member (and anyone else who will listen) why the Chicago Executive Pilots Association exists, and why so many of us belong. CEPA’s mission is to educate and advocate for our members, our airport (KPWK), and the next generation of aviators. I know of course that the order of those three priorities is different for everyone. CEPA would not exist without the help of a dedicated board of volunteers.  Each of our officers, directors, and committee chairs spend their time because they believe in the value their efforts bring to us all.

I want to thank each for their wisdom, time, and efforts. 

  • Rob Mark, Vice President – Rob has been the Program Chair who put together some great safety meetings over the past few years. He has also provided focus, discipline, and his communications expertise for which I am grateful.
  • Marc Katz, Secretary – Marc is our supreme record keeper and counsel.
  • Chuck Heftman, Treasurer – While we are a small organization, keeping track of the funds is a tough job that requires meticulous attention to details, Chuck does that in spades.
  • Madeleine Monaco, Director, Scholarship and Newsletter Chair, Historian – She is CEPA member #3, need I say more? She prepares our newsletters, by gathering information from officers and members. She is also one of CEPA’s founding members, our living historian, and advisor, from which we all benefit tremendously.
  • Matt O’Reilly, Director and membership Chair, joined as a student pilot and is now planning his move to the airlines.
  • Matt Souza, Director & Webmaster of all things digital – Matt is the guy keeping the CEPA website, running smoothly and looking great!
  • Rusty Stevens, Director, Newsletter Ads, Member Picnic Chair and Insurance Manager- Rusty has organized the wonderful summer event that is CEPA’s annual picnic in recent years.
  • Ron Komin, Director – Sad to see Ron head off with his newest career opportunity, but I’m happy for him; Ron has been great in helping guide our decision making.
  • Dan Wirt, Director, Program & Fundraising Chair – Dan is bringing new ideas and energy to our scholarship fundraising. He is also taking over as Program Chair for 2024.
  • Ana Adona, Special Events Chair – Thank you Ana for a great showing at the Run-the-Runway program and a wonderful evening at our CEPA Holiday Dinner on December 14th

You – That’s everybody else! We only exist as an organization to give voice to our cause Thank you for your membership.  We invite you to bring your ideas to an upcoming board meeting.

Michael Baraz, President

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