September Safety Meeting

“Join Jason Unger CFI/CFII/MEI/CSIP with FLYTHERE LLC at KPWK and learn
what “FLYING THE GAP” really means . He will demonstrate this with the use of
FLYTHEREÔÇÖS Redbird full motion simulator that a flight under VFR minimums may
be legal but not necessarily healthful for a pilot launching from KPWK to a ” got
to be there” meeting at KJOT !
And if that does not convince you that inadvertent VFR into IMC close to the ground┬áis not such a good idea, Mr. Robert Schmelzer FAA designated examiner and B777┬áCaptain and contributor to Flight Training Magazine will follow Jason.┬áHe will demonstrate that the “are you available today? ” question when you lose sight┬áof the ground near KDPA is not the right question to ask .
His recommendation to “Climb and Confess” and with help of the Redbird Simulator┬áhe will demonstrate that not all inadvertent flights into IMC have to end in loss of life.
The meeting will be on Wednesday 9/18/2013
at the Crown Plaza 2875 N Milwaukee Ave Northbrook, IL 60062
7:00pm local time.
Please join us !
WHEELING IL 60090-6408

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