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OUR BOARD of Directors MEET MONTHLY, except in February & August. MAJOR SOCIAL EVENTS INCLUDE A HANGAR PARTY & SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS in JULY and a HOLIDAY DINNER IN DECEMBER. 2024 BOARD MEETINGS are held at Atlantic Aviation’s Conference Room and begin at 7 pm3-Jan3-Jul 6-Mar4-Sep 3-Apr2-Oct 1-May6-Nov 5-Jun4-Dec SAFETY PROGRAMS begin at 7 pm and are held at Harper College’s…

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Thanks to Our CEPA Officers and Directors

I believe it is important to remind every member (and anyone else who will listen) why the Chicago Executive Pilots Association exists, and why so many of us belong. CEPA’s mission is to educate and advocate for our members, our airport (KPWK), and the next generation of aviators. I know of course that the order…

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Progress Is Always at the Root

You land at a large airport, exit the ample-sized runway on the first taxiway, and contact ground. You’re unfamiliar with the airport but you’ve briefed the airport diagram. Ground gives you a stream of letters that sound to you like someone reading a Scrabble letter tray with a runway crossing and hold short instructions. Hopefully,…

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